Alan Johnson

Yours is a fairly easy case to make. Some mainstream feminists just seem to be for limited access, branding and re-branding, acquiring a seat at the patriarchal table from where openly sexist remarks are not allowed but from where discriminatory directives do frequently emerge, are ignored, or are not seriously challenged.

As you implied some Baby Boomer feminists do not seem to be for a social change that would actually transform into equality along with the serious validation of ideas that conflict with their own. After all, Baby Boomers alone could be scientifically weighted as being the gatekeepers of the entire series of social injustices being protested about today.

I’ve watched Joan from a far for a while and appreciated Joan Walsh’s book What’s the Matter with White People? Which really boosted her Liberal cred. However, own Twitter she could have been far more instructive and brought what has turned into a point-counter-point, into a mutual understanding where she might have alone merged the concerns of both sides of the issue. One simple, “Hell, you’re right I could have done that better” would have squashed the whole thing. According to the feed (I went to site) there was no effort to forge a mutual understanding and direct controversy into something more useful such as “I” or we “could have done that better.” Most of us know that she and we can.

Nevertheless, it looks like someone needs to write the book What’s Wrong with Some Baby Boomer Feminists? Many already have an idea what the answer is: We all need to do better.

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