Alan Johnson



I sat relaxed as our social distancing and mask wearing symbolized the other virus in America: minority White racism.

I listened to him as if he was a decent human being who ought not be treated a hundred times worse than the arse hole Taliban. Meaning, avowed racists should be hunted down and eradicated in accordance with a pro-Black, grass-root drafted federal and state mandate.

But that would mean having to replace most police forces in their entirety (for the good cops are also bad) and definitely cancelling the FBI who are still on some Southern Strategy bullshit. They both openly enable White Supremacy’s public and private tenets publicly and privately, so both are largely criminal enterprises that are full of articulate racial idiots (you know, like a Rhodes Scholar is). Now back to the other racial idiot.

Immediately after explaining my computer problem I asked for an estimate. He said $30 to $50s tops.

I knew my sworn enemy was lying.

The owner of Data Corp and the roach that kept crawling over his bare crusted feet as we sat on a comfortable couch, that he probably picked up curbside before the trash collectors could, were equally offensive. Both are hard to rid from our society. However, the roach belongs here but racial domestic terrorists do not despite a terror laden constitution that says they and their offspring do belong.

Like I said, I already knew what was wrong with my laptop and had been telling anyone who would listen. But when he told me the same thing he was smart and I was just a dumb you know what.

Anyway, he went through the motions of having great difficulty finding my model number and the replacement keyboard that would need to be shipped to him. Price, around $240 which he explained was a great deal since it was less than 3% of my initial investment. I followed that logic but he is still a liar, all racists are.

Oh, and his semi-British accent to some might make him sound intelligent. Actually, he speaks well so that would fool most as a sign of respectable intelligence too. But I say, “a bit sad innit.” That’s how some of the British people speak but this fat slob and a lot of Black Conservatives (likely your and my mom, aunt, uncle, etc.) hate ebonics. Go figure.

He figured he was smart, so he went on to explain how there were different Mexicans. The Spanish Mexicans did not like the Indian Mexicans and those were the ones that were coming into the country to steal a fat lazy slob’s job.

There was absolutely no mention of Walmart, Apple, the dastardly Koch brothers, Democrats and Republicans, all colluding and shipping jobs overseas. They publicly shipped them to the very countries that White supremacist’s claim are credible threats to national security in America.

He also refused to use his own logic to substantiate the Native American view that a wall should have been built to keep those fucking early terrorism praying Jesus hating Pilgrims and Puritans out of the country. All Europe does is ship its worse people. The murderers, rapists, resource, and land thieves.

To stinky and a Professor over at VSU they were anything but that highly accurate account.

He then yapped about the greatness of Trump, Jefferson, the Louisiana Purchase …with me occasionally ending each and every white mediocre supremacy Fox and Conservative nationalism generated focus group talking point with racist, which he claims no one in his profound conversation is. Because you know who the biggest racists are to him? Correct. That’s right, Black people. Not Thomas Jefferson or resident evil Trump and literally his entire administration of corporate and military hooligans.

Black people are racists.

Another Fox talking point.

Fox and racist friend’s message received.

Fuck face also didn’t know that I had read Isabelle Allende, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz, Pablo Neurada, and anyone else who said fuck you to any and all governments with the aplomb of Maya Angelo and Toni Morrison in the 1970s and 80s.

Anyhow, it is White Hispanics and White Latinas who are mostly anti-Black and Brown racial creeps who support a racial border wall and that is why he likes that subgroup of Whites. They are not Aryans so those wannabe Whites are not risk-free.

It was interesting that he kept Reagan out of the greatest hit list for White racists. I guess Black Twitter gave his Fox inspired race-based anti-inclusion allies too much receipted-grief for over-promoting that idiot, racist, and federally protected drug and arms dealer.

You see reader, all racists are overly cruel idiots. The racial idiots literally exist because of the federal government regardless of the administration. There are no presidential heroes, just very small variations of corporate lead villains.

I kept the fact that my research evidence would overwhelm his research out of the conversation. I wanted to listen, not share racial strategy. It was hard to keep my rapid fire intelligence holstered but I did so that he could continue sounding intelligent to his warped minded assistant.

The slow talking assistant claimed to be profiled by police when he drove through Black neighborhoods in Valdosta, GA. That there was his solid proof that there is substantial racism against Whites. He looked so confident behind the counter when I said he was racially profiled. He was but as a potential crack or Black booty consumer.

Hence, bullshit.

You see, it is all about them. That is how domestic terrorists think. While just about all other White people and many Black people protect their corporate masters. They/we do so by voting for a federal and state government that has always practiced outright discrimination in every sector of society by ensuring that neighborhoods stay semi-separated by income and race. White acting Blacks and anti-Black POC are tenuously welcomed so long as their family values do not include the Christian heroics of John Brown.

Dear readers, White Nationalists and Liberals tend to like a system of caste separation. The Nancy Pelosi’s and Hillary Clinton’s of the world don’t want our neighborhoods near theirs. And both want Black people to stop resisting when a cop is beating them over the head or has them in a choke hold for jaywalking or just being Black.

And speaking of Black neighborhoods, stinky wanted to know how could all of those Black people (niggers in my absence) in those rundown neighborhoods (not many of those in Valdosta) have all those assets like nice cars, pools, cable, etc? Just like slave drivers White racists still want our assets to mirror their distorted vision of us.

I now wonder in hindsight if he realizes that I never really answered any of his questions. I was there to gather data not share it.

Racists need not worry because Democrats like Obama, Clinton, and Biden (who publicly said so) will continue to push Bush and Reagan-like war agendas and not respond properly to any predominantly Black crisis, be it a natural disaster or a White one.

Racists tend to love the fact that Black Conservatives who call themselves Democrats keep pushing Black fools to vote for White or half-White fools.

Family, friends, and I, we are or have been so wrong about this voting shit.

Also wrong is the fact that we spend lots of money with racists. Most of the customers who came through his door were Black. Hopefully, that means that with a simple change of direction we could put Data Corps, Zacadoos, Royal Boutique, a slew of party stores and gas stations, and other outside owned businesses in Valdosta, GA out of business.

We could and should stop funding racism and racists.

You see the fake good but mostly hypocritical White people don’t want most of their arses either so without us they literally have nothing.

Without us and their racism these people and their good relatives are nothing. And doing nothing meaningful for Black people is a bi-partisan effort, so fuck everybody who says Vote Blue while also supporting the Data Corps of the world.

Because voting Blue means voting for White supremacy’s estranged brother and voting is about as effective as this rant called an anecdote filled article is. Still, replacing Data Corps with a company that has a Black nationalistic and overly protective mind-set is effective and is probably what MLK was trying to tell us (and is definitely what Malcolm X was telling us) before the federal government had them both murdered.

The replacements for both exemplify ineptitude and weakness as leaders. In other words, neither replacement figure is a Vernon Johns or Deacons for Defense type.

It’s simple, the Nationalists in and outside of the federal government only protect those whom they consider their own. Actual racial inclusion is a deal breaker for inclusion scares their constituents, the children today whose parents are in the photos of a man being burnt and hung from the tree in front of the courthouse.

Instead of being hunted for the purposes of reparations those people become Bidens and Clintons while Black Conservative preachers continue in their role as our collective get out the vote pimps, for they are not nearly honorable enough to be a whore.

On the other hand, nationalism only scares some Black people while most other ethnic groups, especially the anti-Black ones, teach the social and cultural protectionism of nationalism from birth to the grave.

Instead of taking complete control of their community, Black people are told to vote; hence, the pimps who should be beaten and locked up by an unruly mob (my kind of people) for crimes against sanity.

Voting has never and will never protect us. The owner of Data Corps, Zacadoos, and Royal Boutique know this and deep down we do too.

Africula is a XXX story about a non-biting vampire who lives in Detroit. Finally starting to get my abs back, the older I get the longer it takes. Oh, well