X Going To Get Us Our Reparations As Rapped By Africula

Alan Johnson
2 min readApr 29


Corporate culture is a cult

Social justice bankruptcy is profitable, legal theft the damn result

No thief in the night just a daytime BLM vulture

Slap 1 BLM thief, better yet slap 2 or more for improved culture

Take their assets, their less is something to adore

Do that more and more and then more

Cardi B them real good

Lisa Lopez their home

Drop them in the Hood

Whack blue vest in the dome

Get that #metoo heifer too

Give the 1st, 2nd, & 3rd wave what’s long overdue

Give it to them raw

You can’t break the law if you’re not broken by the law

Those fake undermining social movements must end

The revolution won’t be televised once restitutionary & covert violence is the trend

Million Man Farces, NOI generic Black products, all below a Rainbow Coalition

Inaction Networks, energy-less energy can’t be sued

These herky-jerky movements must be nailed down and glued

Since they always corrupt & proselytize volition

They leave no ammunition or sustain arsenal layers

But do leave us with prey prayers

They develop no dragon slayers

But do develop obedient tax payers

Disobedience and not paying taxes yields native Black Reparations

Disobedience is life and requires no stifling preparations



Alan Johnson

Africula is a story about a non-biting vampire who lives in Detroit. Finally starting to get my abs back, the older I get the longer it takes. Oh, well