We Are Officially Done Paying to Play
Integrative Thinking

We are officially done paying to play as an American from whom the country has to be taken back. If for no other reason, due to the KKK being an increasingly positive and public influence within the GOP, the GOP’s current leader being a supernova imploding from a birther brand, we are left with no viable choice other than to have our long overdue national conversation about integrative thinking but not with White people.

Parts of that needed conversation already takes place on social media. It takes place almost daily on Black Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and on other White owned and closely monitored platforms. There virtually all of the relevant content for our Black National Conversation (BNC) can be found.

Tumblr Source:theneverlandproject

Our BNC needs to be focused, brief and unapologetically monitored by us. It should be foremost about our money and about how no social justice demand is a strong enough demand without that demand first being armed and leveraged by way of an uncompromising and comprehensive boycott.

  1. Boycotts may need to be primarily directed at Wall Street and all other outsiders since their collective economic births are literally slavery or currently a parasitic like occupation. Every enterprise that has franchised discrimination against us in the past 5-years must be aggressively targeted in our boycott. We are not pushing for a seat at their table, we are permanently setting up our own.
Powerful Black Stories. By Heru G. Duenas

The CVS’s and other outsider businesses that have been torched and looted as a crude form of street reparations during outrage revolts (but are politicized racially as riots) should have a ready replacement while the boycott is being organized.

2. What our best social justice deconstructionists and inter-sectional analyzers have repeatedly pointed out as our primary needs must become our primary database for social action. That may mean asking how can we place what our brightest minds on social media have excited us about into the active vision of protecting and surpassing Black Wall Street, Idlewild, Garvey’s, Madam C. J. Walker’s, Black Panthers, etc., past achievements?

That’s why the reader and thinker is asked to start placing their suggestions, position statements, articles, etc., here: Hip Hop Economics

This start of a BNC evolving E-Manual of sorts may well later serve as one of the curriculum's we may decide on using for our future. From there our Principal Investigators and Facilitators would ideally be from a talent pool of people like @KeepitRealTea @Rapmonster @trueblackpower @thetrudz, @elonjames @iJesseWilliams @janetmock @kevin_powell @3rdEyePluG @ClintSmithIII @MatthewACherry @TheBpDShow @tanehisicoates@zellieimani @SonofBaldwin @Crystal1Johnson @SankofaBrown @jbrownedianis @OckyJ83 @samswey @tariqnasheed @Delo_Taylor @KeepitRealTea Now from this short list it is asked that you submit more of the people whose content in some or many ways mirror the glorious gift in our hands.

Most of us already lead-follow many other free agents of Black Excellence.

3. Within the framework of the BNC vision we may have to compartmentalize our common agenda. Meaning, our money from step #2’s Hip Hop Economics might have to be proportionally divided and operated independently by distinct groups such as: Entrepreneur, Artist, Feminists, Womanists, Hoteps, Civil Right Traditionalists, Conservative Christians, Black Lives Matter, Activist, Independents, and others as determined.

Now with these distinct groups (some of which can be sub-groups under a heading like Consciousness or Activist*) competing to fulfill a common goal each group can then be readily assessed as to the merits of their investment on return. Specifically how many profitable businesses have we started? How many formerly un- or under helped people have we adequately helped? What shall we do with failures?

Each group would be responsible for paying back the investment or bail-in money. That money would then be used for other capital building projects, incentives, subsidizing failures, further strengthening the strong, etc. Which all means that each group would be responsible for expanding their investment so as to become self-sufficient in the shortest period possible.

The most successful groups would then be rewarded by additional capital to be determined by a formula of merit.

Or as we often expect of Black Excellence, put up or shut up.


What are we doing or striving for?

We are doing all that we have asked, pleaded and begged for others to do. In Tupac’s voice and to answer his question, no we are not going to ask again.

We are striving to implement a revised or symbiotic form of capitalism to leverage the outcomes of our well documented but unfulfilled demands for Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. The outcome of which will be the food, shelter, clothing and a proper defense.

Our demands of ourselves begin once our Black National Conversation turns into the comprehensive action plan to develop working models (based on past accomplishments, i.e. replicating & strengthening Idlewild) for steps 1, 2 and 3.

Details on how to become an approved provider and investment recipient already exist as a format from virtually anyone of the social media minds mentioned above. And groups under a banner name* may need to divvy up a group investment portion.

The time to begin was yesterday.




Africula is a XXX story about a non-biting vampire who lives in Detroit. Finally starting to get my abs back, the older I get the longer it takes. Oh, well

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Alan Johnson

Alan Johnson

Africula is a XXX story about a non-biting vampire who lives in Detroit. Finally starting to get my abs back, the older I get the longer it takes. Oh, well

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