Trump and Biden Ain’t Shit

Alan Johnson
2 min readDec 30, 2020


Due to the fact that the $$establishment of both parties still control both parties, there is no way that the voters of both parties would publicly agree to purge their parties of at least half of their rich corporate minding leaders. Still, no sane person should advocate for getting rid of Trump, Pence, bitch McConnell, etc. while advocating for keeping Biden, dancing fence straddling Harris, Pelosi, Shumer, etc. and all the voters and politicians who support them.

We can’t get rid of us weird and scary voters (or can we?) but we must continue to call our voter families and friends murderous, scary, weird, and promoters of imperialism.

It ain’t China or Russia. You and I happy voting arses are the problem.

If your candidate voted for war (a military budget), giving money to Israel, etc., then you & I fall into the category of murderously weird scary imperialist voter.

Most of us are just as mentally messed up as the global and regional terrorists who have been trying to tell us that. But since America always has groups of suffering people that it as a country criminally hates, we too suffer.

Virtually no one has a clean voting record so damn near all of us are guilty of encouraging the mess that we are currently in.

There are just too many of us who don’t negotiate with domestic terrorists & virtually all of the GOP are terrorists while at least half of the Democrat party are either centrists, moderates, liberals or progressives which are all varying disguises of political terrorism. Anyone who has come out against reparations, okayed any Defense Bill are especially those people and so are the voters who vote for those people.

So essentially we voters are far more dangerous than the false options crammed down our throats during every local and national election.

Based on the current presidential election, millions of people still do not approve of this critical message.



Alan Johnson

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