Alan Johnson

Trudy Chapter Another One Bites the Dust

Dude was a straight up drug dealer trying to be part of the Malcolm X brand but was more like the Ellsworth Raymond Johnson — known as “Bumpy” Johnson of some poorly sustained backwards arse shit.

He studied law and police procedure while doing a 5 year bid. He was a serious and disciplined CEO wanna be who emulated all that was in the greed is good mantra. Dude even conducted a SWOT analysis on his competition and just loved the character Bishop on the Good Wife. That’s why he binged watched the Good Wife weekly when he wasn’t binge watching Elementary.

His name was Andre Stoudemire. They called him Six Nine because he was well over 6’9” tall. He was the one in charge and being reported to by his Second Lieutenant.

Man, the bitch got the hommies jacking water and shit.


Yep. Six Nine she guaranteed them double the profits over dope if they stopped selling and switched they hustle.

Governor Snyder ain’t gonna like that.

Fuck his honky ultra suburban arse.

You mean he gonna fuck us if we fuck up his money.

True that.

Never mind all of that, how is she doing it?

Doing what? Paying them?

No the water, how she getting good water to Flint?

Hear they processing the water above the damn and from some unpolluted side creeks that flow into the sticky arse Flint River.

What else?

Trudy must be with the DEA or FBI or something cause she able to track all kinds of phones and computers and shit.

How you know?

That’s how she got Kingdom’s and them attention. She had enough wire taped shit to put cases on each and every one of them 10 times over if she gave it to a corrupt prosecutor.

They all corrupt.

That’s what I’m saying, this some corrupt shit we dealing with.

How do we reach her?

That’s the funny part.

Funny how?

Her daddy’s Insubordinate.

Ain’t that the dude who supposed to been shot or shot at more than 50?

Yep, and the old nigga still Rappin’ too. Threw a concert in Detroit on an island and security was so tight that none of our people could get in.

Ain’t no island’s in Detroit other than Belle Isle and it’s always half closed. So are you sure about an island?

Hell yeah. Sure as shit, some nigga named Africula own it.

Africula who?

That’s it. Africula. Nobody knows who he is or where he comes from. But the streets in Detroit say he richer than Dre and Beyoncé put together.

Well why ain’t we killed the dude already?

Already tried. Two squads sent and we never heard back from them again.

Can’t kill Insubordinate. Can’t kill this island dude. We can damn sure kill this meddling bitch Trudy though. What’s the dude name? African?


They turned around and he was there. Six Nine saw him first.

What they hell, his Lieutenant demandingly asked while drawing his gun.

Who the hell are you?

Hell to you Six Nine. Africula to Insubordinate, Trudy, and others.


It was the morning of September 11, 2018.

Trudy had been planning on eliminating Six Nine’s Third Avenue squad because she knew they had plans to eliminate her. Then all of a sudden Six Nine and his entire squad disappeared from the face of the earth.

This was the third time that a known threat to Trudy had been proactively disposed of. The only troubling part was that Trudy was not readily able to determine who was performing the disposals. What was the point of having access to next generation technology if it couldn’t reveal how the members of an entire street gang just upped and disappeared, especially in Flint or Detroit where the streets seemed to consistently know more than next generation technology?

It all made Trudy wonder.

Was it her dad who was behind the disposals? Had his M-O all over it.

Was Chance actually responding to her and Taylor’s cleverness with his own brand of cleverness in the protection of his daughters from government and street thugs alike?

Africula is a XXX story about a non-biting vampire who lives in Detroit. Finally starting to get my abs back, the older I get the longer it takes. Oh, well