Alan Johnson

By Alan Collaboration for REPARATIONS Johnson

May 18, 2020

Whenever you hear a Black, quasi-Aryan, Aryan, or White Hispanic person say “Trim the Fat” your automatic intellectual response should be to slap the you know what out of them right there on the spot.

However, do not do it for most of us are afraid of them governmental and corporate mfers. Unlike Bernie Mack who would have (figuratively) slapped the you know what out of a bunch of them if this interpretation of the term trimming the fat is accurate.

Operationally, it means to be an objective business minded person.

Being objective means following the predictive models no matter what real people might be hurt because of that computer generated model. Or it could simply be a bookkeeping, racism, or sexism based decision.

Either way, trimming the fat is the business decision that is driving the reopening of a still very sick and dying America. Remember now, early on they loudly and on code promised to kill (trim the fat) the elderly to do it.

They were and are always very serious about trimming the fat, which means killing off certain portions of the population. The early COVID-19 celebs and other highly potential cretins are just collateral damage. Of course, you have to be hyper objective like Colin Powell, Susan Rice, Bernie Sanders, and just about every elected Democrat to be that mentally depraved (see #45’s war budget re-authorization bill).

Therefore, the governmental and corporate response (I know, they are one in the same) to COVID-19 is just objective fat trimming.

The cost? Whatever the funerals and whack arse health care facilities bill you or someone you loved and loss to a highly preventable or at least reasonably containable disease.

However, nothing absolutely (or maybe virtually) nothing is ever contained when seeking to expand or maintain White mediocre Supremacy’s quasi-power by trimming the fat.

You will not ever hear that on The View. Who knows what Dr. Phil’s crazy arse along with others derived from Oprah’s gang of polished malcontents might say.

But you can be sure that whatever is said the words will not be followed up by stopping the unholy but prayed for crusade to always trim the fat.

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