To Vote or Not to Vote: How About Neither or Both?

Alan Johnson
3 min readNov 18, 2022


“Non-voters can’t be non-doers too. We lose all moral high ground that way. We also help the racists in both parties continue to govern us.”

Those of us who have legitimate grievances with the past 46 presidencies and voting are the bigger problem.

Like me, many of you didn’t vote because the candidates are all war mongers and talked about everything but the two things that are in a sprint to kill most of us, racism and climatic events. We have already seen the possibilities in the movies but in this real world it will be worse.

We need to step completely outside the mainstream and bring it to what they fear most, a screeching halt. From there, we can plan and outline all that we will accept to return to this White dominant shit show.

Sure they will react to the economic stoppage with violence. But hell the government already uses violence against us without it.

Trump, his followers, the entire body of the Republican and Democratic parties all actively protect and represent racist institutions.

Their donors don’t want them talking about racism or climate change in any factual way. Donors instead want to try and leave this planet as they leave most of us behind to live horribly or die.

But their donors do want our vote related accomplishments gutted, unenforced, and unsustained.

I personally do not vote consistently because all White people, especially the nice and fair ones, have absolutely no fucking business governing native Black people.

Those of us who did not vote or take any of those experimental profit driven COVID vaccines shots, are not going to get on any space shuttle that they may be able to build either. If like me, you would rather live or die on earth than follow some stupid arse tech billionaire into space to be even more of a forced laborer there than we all are now on earth.

So I recommend that we separate ourselves from them by not buying their needless Steve Jobs inspired shit.

We non-voters are still the bigger problem.

Moral victories are good but not voting or voting and doing something that is more important to our survival is better.

So I recommend these three steps.

  1. Trumpism and both party establishments have to be broken up and the constitution rewritten. May I suggest the use of the (fuck the rich) guillotine to kick this off? All while the money given to banks and other corporations is being rerouted back to us.
  2. The above is solely White America’s burden. And the military needs to stand down while you White folks work out your internal, self-inflicted, and internecine grievances.
  3. Reparations. American White Supremacy is in no less than $17 trillion in debt to native Black Americans. We want our loot. Call it RSCs or Reparation Stimulus Checks. Non-voters can’t be non-doers either. We lose all moral high ground that way. We also help the racists in both parties continue to govern us.

So we voters and non-voters will go down in history as ancestorially inspired victors once we push for Reparations in a way that scares the shit out of them all.



Alan Johnson

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