Alan Johnson

“There was no doubt about it: Afro-Americans were a threat and lynching was the means to counteract it.”


Truth is what produces security, lies are what do not. Most anti-Black laws (Drug War, Stop & Frisk, etc.) are based on demonstrable lies; just like lynching was or is. Those laws produce community wide insecurity as intended.

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Talk of insecurity and lynching usually causes people to tune in or out. Those who tune out usually do so for they honorably follow mainstream lies either in the morning, noon, or evening faithfully. Those who tune in see those lies as part of a continuum to hold Blacks back and have the books of Black scholars in their laps or on their shelves to prove it; since actual outcomes don’t ever seem to be enough.

Unfortunately, much of it often sounds like a lot of wasteful complaining. It might be just that if quality of life and wrongful deaths were not the real issue. Still, complaining makes even the most informed and dedicated tune out rather than tune into the fight for the realization of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness as Mary Church Terrell, Vernon Johns or Nat Turner surely perceived it. Fortunately, today those currents of fulfillment are still carried by the Black scholar.

Our debates and discussions about which Blacks scholar is among the best and most honest should be so pronounced as to propel them beyond the status of celebrity, celebrities whose views are sometimes neither scholarly nor well-informed. When they are well-informed that’s when most of us are in awe or lend respect.

Hopefully that celebrity doesn’t regress too soon. Seemingly or actually regress, of course, (and this is admittedly a proud moment of didactic generalization) when endorsements are in the pipeline or already a contractual obligation. Surely the fine print reads: NO KAPERNICKING OR DICK GREGORYING! But Shaqtin’ A Fool is okay and encouraged.

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It’s almost like clockwork to see a celebrity who was either quiet during the latest outrage or totally against the people who acted against the outrage. Also, for a fist full of dollars that and other generalizations can be scientifically affirmed.

As it regard affirmations, our Black scholars are both credentialed and non-credentialed people. Their arguments often challenge the accepted evidence, since that evidence never translates into means for security.

Maybe that’s also why many of our scholar’s reference lynching a lot. Why? Because like today’s criminalization of Rappers, drug dealers, street numbers, etc., many anti-Black laws are meant to create the racial terrorism that halts Blacks acquiring wealth of any kind, property, and racial pride that will propel them beyond current social controls.

“Tell me that I don’t deserve to ball. Well then tell me who deserve it?”

Rappers weren’t attacked fiercely and in a systematic way without a wide circulation of images of bling, bling that was widely reported as ill-gotten without proof. Forget that most platinum, diamonds and gold reserves by right belong to Blacks, despite whatever mineral rights that have been contracted or acquired through pillaging and other ill-gotten but sanctioned means. Accordingly, the lyncher’s spirit-less venture has always been to devise some pretense to disrupt any version of Black’s attaining Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

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Here’s one solution to what follows as a summary:


1. We may not be satisfied with our collective lot, but police brutality & Trump is the response to the perception that we are doing too well, too fast.

2. Do not forget, part of the drug war campaign & criminalization was Black bling, asset forfeiture was the response.

3. The ultimate goal is to own all that outsiders currently own.


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