The Purge of White Supremacy

Alan Johnson
5 min readJul 6, 2021


No citations just the truth.

Aside from deciding which brand of popcorn to buy, Black people need not fear or concern themselves with the vicious, violent, and Human Rights violating purge of White Supremacy.

White Supremacy believers and practitioners crime is 400+ uninterrupted years of justifying and actually killing, maiming, and robbing Black people and systematically getting away with all of it and they promise new recruits that they can be trained to kill liberals, Jews, queers, and Blacks too.

But regardless of racist rank, their cowardly arses mostly only kill native Black people.

So the blueprint for how to treat racists is that of a fugitive.

This is what non racist White people must do:

Starting with its own, all levels of government with an intent to purge will treat White Supremacists exactly like they would have treated a fictional and hypothetical all Black people attack Wednesday, January 6, 2021, on the United States Capitol in Washington, D.C.

Aside from having the national guard shoot 100s if not 1,000s of Black people on TV, there would have been Afghanistan and Iraq like house to house searches that day. Those searches would be conducted with a laser focus by militarized police and the national guard if there was even a hint of resistance to what the militarized police would be doing while being filmed on nearly every news station and millions of phones across the country.

Anyone in the 20-mile radius of searched homes per these 20 or more 20-mile tracks of neighborhoods across America who did not answer their door immediately would have their door kicked in and their homes ransacked for clues of militants.

Now never mind that only about 1 in every 1,000 Black people in just about every Black neighborhood across America belong to a Black militia that believe and field practice armed defense and offense against murderous police.

There are also lone Black freedom fighting wolves who murder murderous police.

Many of those police deaths are not reported or are intentionally misreported as death by an acceptable cause so as not to raise suspicion as they continue to investigate the real reason for the seemingly random deaths of some many in the Brotherhood remaining unsolved.

Now I personally believe that many communities of Black people can overwhelm and beat the police but that we would get mowed down by the national guard much sooner than later after that small victory.

Anyway, that means that at least 999 of every 1,000 Black homes searched should not have been searched except for the comfort of millions of White people who were now afraid of those lawless Black people who stormed the capitol with an intent to kill or injure any resisting capitol police.

That demographic of non racist White people are those who mostly voted for Biden, Obama, and Hilary. Others voted for Sanders.

Either way, all of that and more would have been done to preferably kill more than to capture the remaining but fictional 4,000 to 5,000 of the most sensible and courageous Black people of the 21st Century.

There would also be hundreds if not thousands of arrests from each of these non-violence believing communities. Mostly innocent families would be torn apart and their community awards would be tossed aside like everything else during these rape and pillage searches.

That part would not be on public camera but all police abuses would be captured on goon squad cameras for later enjoyment and to prove to higher ups that their team was sufficiently violent and brutal to all random Black people equally.

Although 100s would have been killed, about 4 or 5 of the 1,000s of militia members who got away would actually be captured after 7 or more consecutive days of police rape and plunder sweeps and wide curfew enforcements.

Many homes would burn down from the incendiary devices that the police would inevitably throw into those homes whose doors and windows were fortified with metal and brick.

The news would report on them as hot spots and that the Black militia was suspected of setting those fires to hide their routes of escape.

The burned out families would say otherwise. But hey, the official report would be that the families were in a hot spot and especially if an un-purged FBI or some combination of other police officials said it.

Lots of Black people would lose their jobs and be denied medical treatment.

Black schools and other Black public facilities would have armed guards and wanted posters everywhere.

Militarized community check points would last for all of 2021. Biden would promise to reach a July 4, 2022 goal of having 1,000s more of those Black terrorists locked up along with the 133 that had already been killed and the 657 that had already been detained across the country during the sweeps of January 7, 2021.

An Uber fact now would be that 111 of those deaths occurred in the first 3 seconds of the militia’s arrival.

Ready, aim, fire.

Officially, around 23 officers would be reported as killed and about twice as many as injured.

You know they would have to juice the reports to justify the nation wide military style manhunts.

So that is just the tip of the iceberg for what nonracist and moderately or independently racists White people ought to be doing as advocates of or through the ranks of every level of government and law enforcement in the United States to eradicate armed White Supremacists and unarmed notions of White Supremacy.

These White militia camps and ranches must be surrounded by deputized White citizens and organized well armed White groups who are all tired of White Supremacy’s murderous shit, as they wait for all White law enforcement agencies to quickly agree Across the country when it’s time to say ready, aim, fire.

Hunt them down and tear up suburban, rural, and township communities methodically after having locked up 100,000s and killed no less than 19, 000 of White Supremacists by January 7, 2021.

Each day beyond that date is another day of delayed justice and another day late good White people.

After all, you good nonracist or semi-racist White people must reach Biden’s goal of having no less than 1,000,000 of the estimated 74 million of them locked up. And you all have to overwhelmingly support Biden’s fictional promise to continue hunting these white terrorists down until they unconditionally surrender.

Only Black people are allowed to use forensic experts to trace and transfer the wealth to accounts that are setup in the actual neighborhoods that would have been overrun by police if the attack had been by Black people. This would be aimed at taking Proud Boy and other white militia money and weapons which Black people can now use to further fund and arm themselves against rogue and on the run units of White Supremacists.

This way a path to a 2021 federal executed native Black Reparations plan of no less than $11 Trillion can be approved later by ADOS, FBA, Black social media, and selected members of native Black communities across America.

Therefore, non racist and non violent and violent White America get to purging while you all chant Yes We Can.



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