Ladies and gentlemen, join hands and ride the problem train all the way to the solution station.

Don’t hop on or stay aboard one of the many legitimate bitching and moaning trends on social media. Legitimate or not, those trends are one of our greatest hindrances. Those trends keep us in fractured groups. They are characterized and paraded about as a foremost objective or agenda. In reality they are a sub agenda, with sub = below the primary agenda. The primary agenda is to: take more control of our local and national culture’s specific economy, use that influx of $$ to leverage political protections, and funnel more of our efforts and resources into expanding our own infrastructure focus on food, shelter, clothing, and re-education. It all starts by local action and by curating those blueprinted acts and comments here or here:

Here the only required credential is being Black while living in and actively caring about our neighborhoods. The people who are not actively working on some aspect of the primary agenda are shunned, ignored and relegated to the problem train that they were always on since what they were or are doing subtracts from the primary agenda. Sub-agendas are far too popular and skip over the order of a necessary focus on the primary agenda.

Sub-agendas revolve around: Pro-Black, Feminism(Womanist), emasculation, religious proselytization, abortion, the national debt, coon hunting, kkk bashing, get-out-the-vote campaigns, being woke or socially conscious, good Rap vs bad Rap debates, Dems vs Repubs, etc. Sub-agendas are problem and debate oriented. A growing free breakfast program or expanding a huge community garden is solution and social action oriented. One professes love, the other demonstrates love. One fosters debate, the other redirects those conversations and energies to growth.

Sub-agendas are focused points of conflict, they’re cyclical flash points and keep us divided against ourselves. With sub-agendas being right is the point, a “paralysis of analysis” is seemingly rewarded. Whereas it’s far easier to assess if any contribution has a direct or indirect favorable impact on the primary agenda. For the primary agenda, ultimately, picture Idlewild, Black Wall Street, the long list of Panther and Garvey community accomplishments, etc., being surpassed and legally protected in a Hood that’s all around, near or far from you.

The above picture is a direct aim for rarely is ones own concerns or prejudices demonstrably or consistently aligned with the primary agenda: food, shelter, clothing, and re-education. It is through that spread of un-fractured mental health and self-directed wealth that the equally important sub-agendas take on the importance of being institutionalized on the basis of its own theoretical or actualized rhetoric. Fortunately, that’s all accomplished within the framework of social actions that have kicked Jim Crow in the balls before and is intended to do so again, only this time far more definitively.

Africula is a XXX story about a non-biting vampire who lives in Detroit. Finally starting to get my abs back, the older I get the longer it takes. Oh, well

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