Alan Johnson

The Family and Friends of Slave Investors

The families and friends of the original Atlantic Slave trade slave owners have to be among the worse people to have ever called themselves human. However, what about their descendants?

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The non-hyper-aggressive and non-agitatingly resistant families and friends of 2018’s slave investors are best viewed through the reliable lens of Harriet Tubman and Nat Turner for accuracy and truth’s sake.

These public advocates for the well-being of our enemies cower behind progressive labels and the always semi-progressive leader. The more popular the leader the more semi-progressive they and their supporters consistently are.

It’s 2018 and those purge favoring modern day abolitionists are still attending the funerals of the it’s about time dead. They attend for the cameras while mourning the gain as a loss.

They promote losing. They do not render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s. They have always rendered unto that son-of-a-bastard what is ours. The city and everything in it is ours and they must have no say in its management or mismanagement.

Let those mostly mismanaging leaders dwell in the rural and suburban communities that were built to house racists and sexists. Let those mostly mismanaging leaders dwell in the country side and may the political and economic bombings they deserve not affect the environment of the city.

Let their rainbow coalition of bullshit thrive in the hills where the next record breaking forest fire awaits.

Oh, and fuck you and I for not making this happen sooner rather than later or if ever.

It seems like forever that just about all of the non-aggressively and aggravatingly resistant family and friends of 2018’s slave investors have been domestic terrorists. Anyone who does not respond to terrorists like the U.S., Israel, and Saudi Arabia responds to weddings, hospitals, and buses filled with children are actively aiding and abetting Fortune 500 domestic and global terrorists.

That is a capital crime and there maybe two or three people in the entire country who is not guilty of war crimes and other similar crimes that are being continuously and unjustly waged against humanity.

So when we hold the tribunals let the 5th and 6th graders be the judge and jury. Children are brutally honest and can spot this ongoing adult bullshit a mile away. So can adults but obviously most of us have gotten use to the smell of garbage policies.

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