Ten Things I’ve been Wrong About

Alan Johnson
2 min readSep 6, 2019


1. When the idea of selling bottled water was first promoted, I loudly said, “How can you sell what is free or coming out of your faucet? That’s stupid and people won’t buy it.”

I said the something similar about air.

2. We’ll never have a Black President in my lifetime.

3. The poor will unite.

4. Police body cameras will appreciably decrease police brutality or cause more police to be jailed when their violent crimes are caught on tape.

5. Black voters will widely revolt against the perennial frauds which popularly dominate the Democratic Party.

6. The Young Turks, Shaun King, and The Intercept are leaning toward Joseph Pulitzer like journalism.

7. Racism & forever lying politicians will make Black people focus on rebuilding and surpassing Black Wall Street.

8. Informed voters make good decisions.

9. Hip Hop will take social and economic justice to a higher and sustainable level.

10. Reality TV will never be more than a passing fad.



Alan Johnson

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