Teaser from the Journal of Africula’s Client

Alan Johnson
2 min readJun 26, 2019

While listening to Anderson Paak’s fuck what you think themes in swag songs I doubt if I can do anything for you if you are a professional woman who leaves work, workouts, and then comes home to a pet and glass of wine before you push a 9+-inch dildo in and out of your pussy to the hilt with ease.

I usually don’t learn these things until after I enter you. I enter you because the tongue kisses and head were given very enthusiastically and without any version of me begging for that source of pleasure.

In a sense you tricked me. Five, six or even 7-inches are no match. It’s not a good fit. It’s like motion in an ocean of lotion. Almost but never quite feeling as good as a personalized sense of good should feel.

You are no ordinary lady in the company of an ordinary man. You may even be desensitized by plastic and energizer bunny batteries. I can’t and don’t want to compete. Still this is the mind-field that I must negotiate in my life-long quest to get and keep and some good pussy that is sandwiched between spiritual comfort, cultural immersions, and bacchanal times.

Africula is no ordinary man, he’s from a cosmic order.

He can summon a dick that is five to 12-inches or more. It all depends on the woman’s need for growth.

He usually starts off at 6 or 7 inches and then grows until she pushes his stomach to stop his thrusts. Then he shrinks himself to whatever length that re-relaxes her. But never before licking her to satisfaction.

Pussy juice on a man’s face makes the pleasurable pussy grip before sliding onto an engulfing the dick.

Before deciding if reading more is a reasonable expectation, enjoy TEAMARRR & D SMOKE from Africula’s tracklist which is always playing in his Detroit Mansion along with his Flint & Sagnasty mini-mansions simultaneously.

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Alan Johnson

Africula is a story about a non-biting vampire who lives in Detroit. Finally starting to get my abs back, the older I get the longer it takes. Oh, well