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On Health, Sickness & Help

You could read several studies on the addictive and none healthy nature of sugar or accept and behave like the sugar industry does not have our healthiest interests in mind at all:

“On average an individual 100 yrs ago ate 4lbs to 7lbs of sugar a year, now we eat 140lbs to 200lbs a year. It’s literally added to almost everything we eat. New studies show sugar is directly linked to our cancer epidemic.”
Dixon D. White 9 Aug 2016 Facebook

On Racism/White Supremacy

Dixon D. White, Facebook

One of racism’s primary purposes has been to create & maintain a violently unjust playing field while also keeping that field monitored and managed by the unjust.

Black people’s (and other POC) direct and indirect participation into that scheme may be at an all-time high.

Even from the grave Harriet Tubman is not accepting any excuse to not follow her following God.

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Always remember: the purpose of the modern Olympics is to shore up white supremacy — sometimes known as “world peace” — within a liberal global dispensation. The idea is that, if white-dominated nations create and establish sports and rules that “everyone” agrees on, then “everyone” competes according to those rules, war will be unnecessary. When Black and Brown faces win medals on behalf of the nation-states that are part of that global dispensation (all of them except, perhaps, Cuba), it does that work twice: first, by adding to a nation-state’s medal count, and second, by showing that the given nation-state is the best according to some “objective” non-racist, non-ethnocentric standard. They even have a team of refugees at this year’s Olympics, a fact that sits somewhere between perversity and irony. So while the police accelerate the murder of Black people in the favelas of Brazil, while bombs fall on Syria, Somalia, and Yemen, while the elites secure their dominance in the so-called transpacific partnership, while children in cities and slums across the planet drink toxic leaden water — “the world” drinks a toast and celebrates the triumph of orderly competition based on the rule of law and “Reason.” The Olympics are the Black and Brown “Hunger Games” of the world.

THE COLISEUM SYNDROME -The media propaganda machine continually promotes useless sports statistics, situation comedies, scripted Reality television, entertainment stars, inaccurate news stories and the flavor of the week while distracting us from the fraud, corruption, inequality, terrorism and theft that actually impacts our daily lives. Abdul Kenyatta

Decolonize Yourself

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On Policing

Then there’s me in 2015 saying the same thing in a different way:

“Detroit police threw me around, grabbed me by the neck and tried to arrest me for covering the anti-Trump rally. A fight broke out over a Trump supporter waving a Confederate flag. In the chaos, a cop wrongfully accused me of assaulting the man with the flag. I actually was trying to break up the fight. After police detained me, the crowd corrected the cops, saying I did nothing wrong. No wonder cops have a bad reputation. Get a new fucking job if you can’t do this one right.”

Steve Neavling August 8, 2016

“Black people are always living race. When you are driving or walking down the street and you hear a police siren, I do not know a black person who does not have a feeling, just for a moment, of, ‘This could change my entire day.’” — Trevor Noah August 8, 2016

What follows a blistering DOJ report?

A continuance of statistics that mirror those of Jim Crow.

Asian, Jewish, Arab…communities are not overly policed for they police themselves & respond to unjust outsider policing with economic politics.

On Politics

But many books will be written about that and what we think we know is not all there is to know. After all politicians and lawyers are literally paid to lie.

“Marching and protesting is like a child throwing a tantrum. Just look at that for moment”

Kem Ancestry ‏@spiritualroott1 11 August 2016

Africula is a XXX story about a non-biting vampire who lives in Detroit. Finally starting to get my abs back, the older I get the longer it takes. Oh, well

Africula is a XXX story about a non-biting vampire who lives in Detroit. Finally starting to get my abs back, the older I get the longer it takes. Oh, well