Savior Money and Mental Revolution

Alan Johnson
2 min readDec 13, 2022


The most meaningful money is untaxed. Taxed money is tainted money. Taxed money can only be earned while enduring and ignoring White economic, education, health, and other Rule of Law based cruelties. We have no effective representation. Why pay taxes?

“To build roads, schools and hospitals,” some version of the Black Liberal, Civil Right Progressive Christian Conservative would toss at Chance from behind a curtain as planned.

On a jumbotron, he’d look in the direction of the voice and with a here we go again look just before angrily responding with, “Yeah roads, so the police have a smooth drive up to shoot another unarmed person. Schools to suppress or redirect creativity and suppress any notion of rebellion or free breakfast and lunches. Don’t forget the hospitals whose discrimination results in poorer health. Poorer access. Increased preventable deaths.”

Silence or why you gotta be all negative

No offer of radical ideas or proven self-determination blueprints about how to tackle all three racist institutions before January 1, 2024. Let alone 2030-ish or 2040-ish.

Not dumb. Rarely ever that for many Black people are degreed to the hilt. Smart. They sure aren’t going to trade some sense of a more protected life to go escalate our war with three or more racist Independent Liberal Progressive Conservative institutional American control centers.

Insubordinate would recite that and more on stage with Bucie’s Dream playing softly in the background. He would exaggerate stepping back before sprinting to the edge of the stage.

“Only a Black fool like Barkley or Walker would not say, Hell yeah, sign me up.”

He’d turn his back on the crowd and as expected faced them again to say, “So we signed Africula up.”


Both crowds went crazy as an actual Insubordinate in Atlanta and a hologram of Insubordinate in Ethiopia delivered that opening statement before every concert. Or was it the segued entry of Savior and Africula?



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