Alan Johnson

By Alan Collaboration for REPARATIONS Johnson, May 25, 2020

The Civil Rights Movement has been & continues to be very, very (come back in 2 to 3 days and I will still be typing very) ineffective against White mediocre Supremacy. But so have you and I.

The FBI openly helped and still openly helps to orchestrate private and public White mediocre Supremacy.

The FBI is a domestic terrorist organization, always has been.

Has the FBI ever been found guilty of a wrongful death or shooting?

Literally every Black organization that was left standing after the FBI waged a domestic terrorism campaign against Black uplift, Black pride, and Black self-determination are the very organizations that we ought to get rid of or violently isolate in 2020 and beyond; for the FBI did not and does not consider them to be a threat to White mediocre Supremacy.

Immigrants intentionally undermine the entrepreneurial opportunities in Black communities.

Immigrants whose home country is hyper-anti-Black bring that energy to Black communities.

Immigrants are outsiders and violent occupiers of Black economic opportunities.

Immigrants are the primary reason for wage stagnation and are sent and brought here by politicians and corporations to compete against virtually all native born Americans.

Poor Whites and Blacks should unite against current immigrant economic and social disruption, but this would never mean that poor Whites and Blacks can be real allies, ever.

Poor Whites have always overwhelmingly supported White mediocre Supremacy even when it works against their own best interests.

Poor Whites can never be trusted but they must change their myopic and stupid views about some superiority that does not exist outside of economic and racial violence.

White mediocre Supremacy is the most violent and most destabilizing entity on this planet.

Women can be just as sexist and brutal as men.

Removing everyone who does not identify as African American (AA) or Black from AA or Black communities would do more for us than all Civil Right efforts over the past 100 years combined.

Shutting down the economy hurts White mediocre Supremacy significantly.

There may never be enough economic and social justice until someone can convince the national guard and military that they are not supposed to shoot Americans under any circumstances.

Do not occupy Wall Street, transfer its wealth back to the rightful owners while also indiscriminately impoverishing the current owners of that wealth.

One of the greatest ongoing threats to Black uplift are the Black, White, and immigrant Democrats.

Non-voters matter just as much as voters. It is highly irrational to believe that there are not many legitimate reasons not to vote.

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