Hi, I’m John Morgan a 3rd generation descendant of the plantation Morgan & Sons. We fucked and fucked over our sisters and cousins and aunts and their friends; hence, Morgan & Sons.

With over a combined 500 years of direct colonizing experience, our team of attorneys are standing by and waiting for your prescription drug to fuck you over.

Once the after effects become worse than the condition it was suppose to treat, call us. We will not rest until We, I mean You receive the compensation You deserve.

If You die before then, all the better. We will cheat Your children out of that money since it is not an inheritance, You left no iron clad will, there’s a lot of in-fighting in Your family, and our death clauses that You read seemed to mean one thing when they really meant We get paid bitch and You not so much.

Call us, at 1–800-pharmaceuticals-kill.

You deserve the best. Don’t delay Your being double fucked.

Call us, You won’t be glad that You did but we will.

Africula is a XXX story about a non-biting vampire who lives in Detroit. Finally starting to get my abs back, the older I get the longer it takes. Oh, well

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