Olympic Bullshit

Whenever the promoters of European standards mess over a Black person or group of Black people to the point that cross cultural social media outrage pushes the mess to or near the front of the news cycle, there’s nearly always this crap about a need to have a conversation.

There is no need for a conversation because as a group these Olympic decision makers are repeatedly on record as not consulting Black people about rules that disproportionately affect Black people.

That non-consultation is not only unethical, anti-science, and anti-peer review but I’m sure more than a handful of laws are also being openly violated.

The only conversation that those decision makers and their replacements might need to hear about popular news cycle coverage in general and Olympic racism specifically is maybe Katt Williams’ comedic assessment of those two issues and definitely read my rant here.

To make a meaningful difference, all of those decision makers must come out immediately so that Black people can bring in people who will remove all of those discriminating and insulting European standards immediately.

Err on the side of caution by doing what random and organized groups of Black people say do or recommend without racist or sexist comments or with always wrong minded but still somehow always well meaning liberal questions and delays.

Do so expeditiously or many Black people might take that as another European lead and widely witnessed non-consultative no.



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Alan Johnson

Alan Johnson


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