Less trustworthy people are those people you have to repeatedly tell why you do or don’t want to do something. They tend to have trust issues themselves along with an agenda or two that is not mutually beneficial.

Judge them gently for it’s almost a guarantee that they are somewhat harshly judging you. They will either be mean publicly, privately, or both (they’ll probably say honest) about you. They will somehow oppose or want to slightly or fully alter the trajectory of what you personally consider to be your own helpful and healthy behaviors.

Let’s talk about this over wine, food, music, and a before and after blunt.

No matter how they try to justify their honestly dishonest behavior, firmly maintain your own healthy behaviors. Maintain your healthy behaviors by carefully selecting the content and context of your intimate, acquaintance oriented, seriously vibing, and professional relationships.

If smoking weed, drinking, or using some other substance helps you cope and keeps you from busting a bottle over a lot of people’s head then that is at least your temporary healthy behavior. It works for you and what works for you and keeps you somewhat sane matters.

You decide what is and what is not toxic but the behavior of others towards your behaviors also matter. So here being considerate helps as does listening to learn.

Still, avoid those the unnatural and inorganic social relationships that you intentionally or randomly encounter as much as you possibly can.

You will instinctively know the difference and must always be firm and fair with outside counsel in order to affirm what is fair, what is truth for your better self. Your goal is a healthy relationship with a truthful self and others who easily and readily accept you as is for both of y’alls sake.

Unhealthy relationships exist for many messed up reasons. Healthy relationships exist to improve our evolving purpose in this life. Healthy or not, labeling our relationships helps us to see what we are attracting and why.

Relationships tend to be either individualistic, internecine, parasitic, communal, or symbiotic. There is usually some overlap. Overlap or not, the ever present greediness in Eurocentric relationships tend to gravitate toward the first three; the trio for needless pain and suffering.

Actually, the shallow comments about some of the inauthentic and authentic performances on most porn sites reveal those disturbing facts about the aforementioned trio of pain and suffering. But filtering both the negative and positive insights of others and yourself through the communal or symbiotic lens will usually rescue you from most destructive Western thoughts and practices. — Africula

Africula’s Counseling Session #63,433 but #3 with the fine ass client Odenee



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Alan Johnson

Alan Johnson


Africula is a XXX story about a non-biting vampire who lives in Detroit. Finally starting to get my abs back, the older I get the longer it takes. Oh, well