Is the kkk RIGHT, when they say Liberals are Stupid?

Alan Johnson
5 min readOct 8, 2017
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The kkk promises to kill us all. In their disturbed vision, once they are through with the Jews, Blacks, and fags (cigarette in Britain) then they will definitely turn on the not right kind of White people. It’s what they did before and what they do now. Surely that’s what people expect the kkk to do later. Well, may not for deep thinkers like Tomi Lahren and that 52% of other deep thinking White women.

But to live out their satanic vision, surely most people expected the methods used would still be politicians, judges, prosecutors, public defenders, preachers (illogical mass White hysterical economic anxiety) backstabbing White feminists, and all of the other identical instruments used during the well documented Jim & Jane Crow period. Jim and Jane Crow are still today just as serious about profiting from racism in all of its forms. Racism, after all, has continued to be America’s unchallenged leading industry. Bill Gates and Bezos are chumps when it comes to the profit margin and stored wealth that racism has directly generated. Can’t be calculated and certainly dwarfs the deficits where the illusion of spent money keeps it that way.

#45’s nice people

How come Evangelicals & #45 aren’t protesting the burning of the cross?

In the kkk’s twisted thinking it was assumed that just about everyone knew that the original 1870’s (and even earlier) corruption in the guise of Constitutional patriotism would still be the chief mechanism of organized detention and extermination. After all, they have never wanted to kill all of the forced labor force; just murder, rape, and pillage enough to wipe out even the talk of resistance. They really do understand the power of words despite the frequency of misusing them.

Surely, the kkk considers him the fool (I’ve personally slipped before) who calls for a Special Prosecutor to correct any of this. Hell, all prosecutors are special. They specialize in media misdirection, slanted and sanitized (although publicly documented in Time as shady) versions of kkk goals. Nevertheless, the city and rural folk watch and often cheer the peer reviewed injustices of kkk goals. Got to get tough on the crime that the CIA, FBI, DEA, & DOJ jointly create and maintain.

And if somehow someone is caught stealing Cartel drugs (see Oliver North), they’ll either be called a rouge agent or operation and quietly promoted. Or called a Patriot and openly promoted to the Senate or a big government military contract, hedge fund, or some other corporate entity. You see, it’s all corporate. Rambling. My bad, that was all way off topic. On topic, they just say get tough on crime. The rest is buried in an article that someone somewhere always cyber-screams that everybody should read and then revolt with pitch forks and torches in hand based on the preponderance of evidence in that limited or widely read article.

Outrage management steps in swaps pitch forks with Tiki torches or a candlelight vigil. Pimp preachers ain’t having it, though. Get out the vote. Revolt ain’t good for any body’s business that’s meant to keep the masses in a check to check condition, or with no check. The poor and struggling worker tithes well.

All of it was in practice during Jim and Jane Crow, and all of it can be found in kkk literature and heard during their open air promises. They’ve always had a Ronald Reagan or J. Edgar Hoover to protect their goals. Only the tactics are ever disputed. The goal of keeping Blacks in check, making any real attempt to rise painful, deadly, or war like has been re-revived.

Studio Grimly‏@NoTotally 8 Oct 2017

Don’t let anyone describe neo-Nazis in Charlottesville tonight as having “peacefully” done anything. Genocidal ideology is never peaceful.

Ain’t that what the kkk promised? Ain’t that also the nazi order? Don’t think they can be any plainer other than to have written it on the foreheads of those who have been turned into strange fruit at the family of law abiding citizen’s ticket purchased see some niggers hang picnic. Lynching’s were fun (still are to the kkk) but nazi bullets in police Glocks are just as effective. Now the kkk get to see the executions on TV, watch the loop as they jack off, cheer, drink beer, yell at kneeling athletes on their TV, sit and fart themselves during the national anthem, and think about other pathological ways to molest.

Yep all prosecutors and other segregation specialists are special. All follow the kkk way of getting away but profiting from those they flee and then lie in wait to capture. They all follow, either voluntarily or involuntarily. It’s built into their family values. They see it in church each Sunday. It’s Whiteness, Whiteness, and Whiteness. And in a sea of White some Liberals talk passionately about inclusion. The kkk has learned to appreciate those effective civilized forums where the resources remain segregated and stockpiled.

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That’s what the kkk mean when they say Blacks and Liberals are stupid. Here’s another example of the mainstream acceptance of the kkk’s Jim and Jane Crow goals.

Conservative, Libertarian, & Liberal Response to an Officer Involved Shooting

A Conservative or Libertarian will watch a cnn-multiple-angled-looped video of a decorated officer shooting a person in the back who wasn’t even a suspect. Then they’ll intellectualize about how some other insubstantial or loosely related but definitely misrepresented fact made that shooting response right. While at the same time a Liberal might be blending some vegetables with traces of toxins in it for lunch at their (disproportional, outright discriminatory and racially underrepresented) job.

A job that is comparable to their equally segregated neighborhood, their children’s school, and then say no more than, “Someone ought to do something about that. That’s just awful. Please, change the channel sweetheart, I can’t bear to watch anymore of that.”

The blender stops.

“That’s just wrong.”

Sports Center

“While the owner’s release statements and pushback, individual NFL players continue to take a knee…”



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