I often look at energy metaphysically or more from a Theosophical point of view. The Big Bang explanation is akin to captured energy. Captured energy is seemingly at its best when released, and it’s released according to its own semi-ineffable cognition; since energy can never be captured, or destroyed, or fully understood as anything but energy whose laws were meant to be described as defiantly breakable of all the rules applied to it. In other words, we may always be chasing a physics related definition of an explanation for the beginning of life. That’s OK, for along the way we will always deliberately or mistakenly bump into beneficial discoveries. Hey men and women, we are the master of nothing, while also being the master of everything; meaning contradictions of scientific laws are far more true than any inflexibly fixed (binary or maybe even peer dependent) definition, when thinking Theosophically or otherwise.

Africula is a XXX story about a non-biting vampire who lives in Detroit. Finally starting to get my abs back, the older I get the longer it takes. Oh, well

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