Alan Johnson

How to Be a Steady Trouble Maker for Fraudulently Celebrated Role Models & Other Enablers of American Nazis

Surely this is how suspect celebrity role models and respected enablers of American Nazis ought to be treated by citizen journalists and pundits today. As for citizen journalists, many of them/us are merely rant journalists. However, citizen journalists will most certainly evolve from that and place a much needed pressure on corporate leveraged pundits. And here’s a model, outside of the Joseph Pulitzer model, for how even part-time citizen journalists and some brave (as opposed to full-time obsequious) corporate journalist just might do it too.

To do it fact seekers might want to incorporate Gay Talese’s investigative journalism style into their own approach. Gay Talese may or may not be a societal role model but his style of journalism is an effective model. That model may also deserve a wider space of influence so as to more effectively compete with the today’s alternative facts.

Neither suspect celebrity role models nor enablers of the American nazi could ever weather a Gay Talese like but reimagined and fortified grassroots’ sourced writing style of investigative journalism into their celebrated life. Let’s call it Talese-ism journalism. For Talese, when a formal interview request was turned down a more honest interview was had anyway. To gain that more honest effect, Talese interviewed & recorded the responses of all the service or non-celebrated people who made the life of whatever targeted celebrity comfortable. Or as Talese referred to them “the little people.” You know, the people who really know what’s going on beyond the official reports.

Here with American nazis also in the cross-hair, Talese-ism was a considerable way to get the interview details that through formal journalism would likely be off the record or not recovered at all. Truth, off the record? May it not unnecessarily remain so in 2017.

It is from that type of interviewing that the real person is revealed, and few would emerge unscathed from the accuracy of the narrative that would return from disparate sources to confirm what no 60-Minute interview would likely ever unveil. You know, real adversarial journalism as opposed to soft access journalism.

Anyhow, it’s usually better to punish the liar and protect the truth teller.

That old style of journalism, called “New Journalism” then and “Talese-ism” here, ought to be a steadily used tool for today’s citizen journalist. It just may wind up being a blog centered challenge that ultimately counters the wastefulness and dumbing down that is tabloid journalism or traditional reporting today. Down with access journalism, local news fluff, and rant based social media journalism. We require more citizen journalists who are bent on being rewarded and protected for outing frauds and celebrating the more complete or genuine human; flaws and all.

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As final note:

Alan Johnson
August 26, 2014 · Valdosta ·
“….Pulitzer’s influence became so great that he elected a president — -Cleveland — -prevented a war between the United States and Britain, exposed and cleaned up corrupt insurance companies, surpassed Theodore Roosevelt in trust-busting, and outsmarted banker J.P.Morgan for the financial good of the country. Without Pulitzer there would no Statue of Liberty. He successfully fought slumlords, crooked police, and shady politicians. Even his most ferocious rival, William Randolph Hearst, acknowledged that Pulitzer was ‘a mighty democratic force in the life of the nation’ and ‘a towering figure in national and international journalism.’”
Pulitzer: A Life by Denis Brian 2001

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