The market for cruelty and sex slaves is hot.

That may be a cruel or fucked up statement to make. Still if not already done, “The market for cruelty and sex slaves is hot” would be a strong line in a Rap verse.

Jah9 — Highly (Get To Me) Feb 14, 2020

Have you ever seen a photo of a sex slave or tried to watch actual footage from a source where 1,000s of cruel individual or gang rapes take place?

While you or I may or may not be able to comfortably watch it the cruel and empathy-less person can and even craves it.

As well, you or I can find that video but the police can’t seem to ever find enough video evidence and sexual predators to arrest.

The police can’t find those involuntary rape videos because there is no war on predators.

If there was a war on predators there would be no need for me to write any more words or for you to read them.

Just think if drug or resource war like energy was immediately transferred to a war on cruelty and predators. Undoubtedly, there would be fewer living spaces like islands or basement dungeons for predators to hunt from and bring their prey back to.

Instead those and other living spaces for cruelty exist because of the absence of that war.

Instead the living spaces for cruelty are supplied by society’s castaways. The castaways are society’s least protected people. The castaways are people who can have their humanity reduced in a public square for no reason other than hate and the offender not be stoned with outrage.

Since those offenders are not stoned that means that every tier of predators have a whole lot of freedom to hunt these least protected people who have been the least protected people since colonial times and earlier.

The absence of war means that too many cruel people often fail to experience the push-back or shove from the real threat of three-strikes like prison time for the single offense of being a practicing sexual deviant or some other cruel predator.

Fortunately, we cannot lock up the average cruel person who does not have hundreds of ways to involuntarily restrain a human or an actual involuntarily restrained human in their living or hunting space just because they are cruel and an arse hole. But we can make it very uncomfortable for them to be cruel in public and launch a war against their private cruelties which are likely a real threat to public safety.

If there was a war on the actual predators there would be no need to cruelly disapprove of the average cruel person who is so because they say and do cruel things just about every day.

“Over 75% of harassed students are targeted because of their identity including race, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or ability” (Human Rights Campaign, 2013).

Is it me, or are adults being targeted by cruelty for the same reasons?

If there was a war on predators it would be crueler than Nixon’s war on Black men or women for smoking weed and for being some proud shade of Black.

If there was a war on predators there would be no border wall or talk of a border wall and orange men would not win by stealing an election with the use of the cruel and corrupt tools that are intentionally built into the electoral process.

If there was a war on predators the cruel and violently incarcerated non-violent Black person would be quickly emancipated and receive an immediate electronic overdue payment of reparations while being quickly replaced by a mass incarceration of predators. We can toss in 1,000s of people for being in possession of kkk, American nazi, or Confederate symbols too.

As a matter of fact, let’s lock only White racists up in newly formed or refurbished maximum prisons that are owned and operated via raffle by the non-violent Black people of Flint, Saginaw, Detroit, Atlanta, Compton, Oakland, Ferguson, and anywhere else where cruelty is used to justify the barely indiscriminate hunting of us.

If there was a war on predators Black people would not be hunted or kicked out of school for wearing fly clothes or sporting a halo as an afro, locks, or braids.

If there was a war on predators, there would be no cages for immigrants whose humanity was legally reduced to illegal by predatory cruelty.

If the absence of a war on predators and cruelty in general was not how shit gets fucked up, there would be an anti-terrorism like war on predators and there would be no need for me to write any more words about predators, cruelty, and castaways or for you to read them.

Predators thrive on society’s castaways. The castaways are the people whose humanity has been reduced by other’s cruel labels and words or by other’s cruel interpretations of what would otherwise be a word or label of pride.

Other’s cruel labels come with words like nigger, dyke, fag, spic, chink, chicken head, thot, bitch (there are both cruel and pride based interpretations of this word). A lot of women would be propelled in life if Rhianna, Hudson, or Beyoncé turned to them and said that’s my bitch there and don’t let the cruelty in the world get you down.

Cruelty was born with mankind and has remained.

Pedophiles, sadists, psychopaths, racial psychopaths, social disruptors, are cruel and they thrive on the mildest to the harshest forms of cruelty.

Pedophiles go after those who are gender disrupted.

The gender disrupted are those whose sexual reality is disrupted systematically, in the mainstream of social media. Their gender identity is cruelly challenged by some people’s most harsh forms of cruelty.

We can see that challenge play out when certain celebrity’s children identify as someone special and who Prince warned us that many people might not ever understand.

I Would Die For You” helps promote that understanding.

I would die for you also means I will never intentionally or ever be motivated by the cruel and destructive intentions that others might deeply have for you.

There are pedophiles who are hunters.

The hunters hunt those who run away from home, school, and situation ships to escape all sorts of emotional and physical forms of cruelty.

What feels or looks cruel is cruel.

Cruelty has opened the door to human trafficking even wider with the help of cruelty like that which constantly comes from #45.

#45 ain’t shit but cruel and a protector of pedophiles (adults who prey on any children age birth to 19).

Roman pedophiles in politics & business openly trafficked boys, esp. slaves. Today the FBI’s/DOJ’s un-arrested serial rings of sadistic pedophiles want the same.

The kkk, nazis, FBI & DOJ all love it when sadists have complete sexual access to Black boys & their caregivers.

The outcomes from all this gender identity hate makes those who are hated less important than those who are doing the hating. Meaning, society and individual people in general openly protects certain people all while overtly not protecting other people.

That’s why the market for cruelty and sex slaves is hot.

That may be a cruel statement to make. Still if it already has not already, “The market for cruelty and sex slaves is hot” would make a strong line for a Rap verse.

The sex slaves and the gender disrupted (the unsolved cases of murdered transsexuals, verbal or physical attacks of a person just for being gay, different, etc.) exist because of most forms of cruelty and most forms of cruelty exist because of the cruel ways of individuals and groups in society.

The root of cruelty is hypocrisy and you can find hypocrites just about anywhere.




Africula is a XXX story about a non-biting vampire who lives in Detroit. Finally starting to get my abs back, the older I get the longer it takes. Oh, well

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Alan Johnson

Alan Johnson

Africula is a XXX story about a non-biting vampire who lives in Detroit. Finally starting to get my abs back, the older I get the longer it takes. Oh, well

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