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Being a millennial means spending your 20’s and 30’s preparing for a future that you’re not sure even exists

According to Chance, futures don’t just happen. The future is a bulldozer. The better future is forced upon the people who have been steadily denying the futures of others that your artistic arse failed to protect because you didn’t like the attacked group, followed Party politics, or for some other equally self-defeating and stupid arse reason.

The proof that artists are arseholes is that the world would still be a fucked up place without them as it is with them. It’s the artist’s responsibility to change that by building a competing non-gentrifying system that merely competes as a winnable alternative to the fuckery of reforms that have historically never ever happened. So cast a wide net on all as multi-level liars who still call for or push for institutional reforms.

Tumblr vonniie-g: We’re all some degree of ain’t shit

Occupy Wall Street my arse.

Liberal, Progressive…GTFOH.

Worse, still, many of those falsely enlightened artists voted for #45, others Hillary, & as a revolt Sanders or Stein. So much for the progressive artist, notwithstanding the handful who do not fall into that category of human rights abandonment called a vote.

Voters, these artists are intellectually dishonest with Robert Reich or Bill Maher appeal. That appeal shit helps no one except for the people who appeal to them as an audience of sycophants who call themselves the enlightened or woke resistance. They are resisting alright. They are resisting being the resistance, and like most artists, speak and think with forked tongues. The proof is in how they live and the bullshit they don’t stop. So fuck artists. And like Plies said, “Fuck me” for behaving like one of my ears are cut off when a daughter-or-son-of-a-bastard pedals hope and change.

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