Chapter Amazon Primed Worker Abuse: The kkk Don’t Infiltrate They Are Recruited

Alan Johnson
6 min readJan 4, 2018


“Like Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos was rejected by the CIA for he was not a controllable sociopath with psychopathic tendencies.”

Unfortunately, some will think that this following account was satire or worse a conspiracy theory. There was, however, a Centrist driven hope that they were right on both semi-rational accounts. Until then let the public and private committal or non-committal judging begin. Or as the Flintstones sometime say on Facebook, let’s argue.

Like Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos was rejected by the CIA for he was not a controllable sociopath with psychopathic tendencies. Wanting to be a CIA Director so bad, Bezos used a tattered page from the CIA’s playbook and created the face of a legitimate company. But instead of it being a white-ops white collar crime inspired operation like those that are regularly used to funnel hard to trace funds to the CIA for the insertion of un-Democratically elected dictators, this praised idiot also wanted to be at the top of Forbes annual wealthiest listings.

Let it be clear, Jeff Bezos is a cretin’s cretin. Surely you realize just how depraved one has to be in order to be rejected by the CIA. Hell they live for an opportunity to recruit the controllable deviant, someone who can be engineered for any call of duty. Such patriotic Christian jihadists being in short supply, the CIA often competes with the FBI for those recruits.

Correct, the kkk doesn’t infiltrate as Comey lied about their doing and now it’s Wray’s turn to lie. Comey was just getting out in front of the public relation problems to come. You know, lying to the American people again. It’s an awful Intelligence community habit.

Hell many kkkers have law enforcement sister, brother and brother in-laws. Most worked with the FBI as Sheriffs, DEA agents or with some other law enforcement entity while klanning on the side and otherwise fake supremacy moonlighting off the clock.

Despite the kkkers lineage of mediocrity, can’t untrain that, the more formally trained (and mostly wealth inherited) kkk fund raising leaders have always been a country club set. They just can’t wear their domestic terrorist uniforms at those exclusive clubs for the service help might low-key whistle-blow like they did during Spit Romney’s 47% speech. Nope, those uniforms were reserved for crossing burning devil worshiping ceremonies which mostly occurred during the seasons of heightened recruiting at the base of Stone Mountain Georgia.

Mediocrity? Yes, that’s why they’re so naturally brutal during sex and at work. Once they can’t hurt a woman or child with their dick, they use a fist or a Tumblr depicted BDSM torture device. Some women volunteer but the best ones have never been brutalized so they are preferably kidnapped during an organized FBI monitored sex trade.

They overcompensate. They overachieve with pedophile Lee Atwater like leadership at the front. It’s how bumbling cocaine business bankrupting Bush won. It’s how bumbling #45 won, only that bumbling bum added hyper-sexism and anti-immigration to the hatred brew. You know, upgrade, innovate.

Haven’t y’all learned anything from #45? Bumbling bluster, it’s both a domestic and foreign policy. Bluster and nukes and the prevention of others from obtaining nukes so that mediocrity and bluster can be sustained by the white immigrants of invading, pillage and raping forefathers. Foremothers just knew when to bend over. Brutality has always been the key ingredient. Being more brutal than smart allows mediocrity to be sustained as a winning way. Again see #45, both Bush sons and don’t forget the two Bush daughters and Cheney’s bland clan.

The kkk doesn’t join anything that is nigger loving except to undermine it and they have Black surrogates, Blue Dog and Centrist Democrats (a multi-cultural progression suppression group) for that. Lord knows the FBI and CIA can’t stand niggers and they publicly remind people frequently of that fact. Nope, the kkk didn’t infiltrate the FBI. That’s a public lie, a false admission. The kkk members who are manageable sociopaths like their mentors David Duke or Oliver North are recruited and given high rankings for being like their more nostalgic mentors J. Edgar Hoover and Lee Atwater.

Y’all can thank Liberal and Conservative Whites and Blacks in the North for that.

Called sensible moderates or Independents by both parties, Southern segregationists and Northern racially discriminating Liberal conservatives always find a common ground: The damn niggers and feminazis (any White woman who doesn’t lean-in to Jane Crow enthusiasms like the early feminists did and like most I’m With Her modern feminists continue to do).

Oh, and Jews continue to be hated too, except when it’s Israel killing Persians and Arabs and stealing shit from Africa and kicking migrant Africans out of their completely unholy country, all while blaming the proxy wars that they themselves fund and arm on Iran in particular and other invaded countries in general.

A lot of ethnic Whites don’t fit the bill either, but Utah’s collection of impure Whites remain something to be dealt with after the second uncivil race war is won. Actually, they are going to lose again (Blacks, Mexicans, Asians, race deserting White men and women, and others are all gonna tag-team that ass). Call it a desperate alliance for the maintenance of humanity.

Nevertheless, the kkk generals lost the first uncivil race war because the Northern liberal conservatives (the old resistance) failed to undermine the race deserting yankees and were even more greedy than the Southern segregationists. Northern liberal conservatives (the new resistance) remain greedy and still see overt and hyper racism and sexism as bad for the business of the much more effective and far more brutal covert racism and sexism. Actually, the Liberal’s covert racism and sexism has been overt too. Dating all the way back to the wrongfully celebrated White abolitionists, especially the Quakers who were whack quacks. Still for some reason Black voters keep accepting Liberal denials about that fact. Regardless, even the victim’s fuck ups should results in the punishment of the antecedents.

Antecedents: The CIA and FBI, DEA and ICE all remain kkk-like and those few agents who resist that likeness get demoted to jack-booted thugs. They are all thugs though. They are all a variation of the pilgrim’s domestic violence promotion and instability. Don’t be fooled by the decompartmentalized initials, they’re synonyms for abused workers and the better trained workers who abuse.

Plus it’s almost impossible to unpack Jeff Bezos and that Amazon Prime shit without having given the essential background information that makes Bezos’ white-op enterprise possible and for them necessary. Nor have anyone forgotten about the organizational psychologists and criminologists who are the most dangerous purveyors of mediocrity and who are more disastrous than masterminds.

The organizational professionals are behind the scenes and no single narrative killing truth can overcome the nightly news of lies, half-truths, and manufactured reasons for fear as news. While Bezos and #45 continue the sickening gamesmanship for more undeserved and unearned territory.



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