Chapter Africula’s Arrows: Overturning Defeat

Please enjoy your tribal rhythms along with this pleasant read about overturning defeat.

The odd thing was that the African sunlight was not in either one of the soldier’s eyes. It was actually a gorgeous day. Blue sky, the one white cloud was way over on the other side of the mountain but because of the distance looked like a soft floating cap over the top of the mountain.

Softly launched and bound by sound like whisper, the first 500 arrows were meant to massacre what was thought to be about 175 peaceful mountain loving people. The arrows were an introduction to western civilization.

Elephant (2020) dir. Mark Linfield, Vanessa Berlowitz

Source: naturedocs

The people were gathered near the banks of a river that was lined on both sides with an assortment of birds, giraffes, hippos, elephants, alligators, and lions who were all being civil. Civil or not, all of the animals and mountain people just casually ignored the arrows that went up and up but which never came back down.

The thousands of other mountain people were either deep inside the mountain, enjoying the mineralized spring water. entertaining, cooking, meditating, or were otherwise socializing with the encouraging vibes of the universe.

The others who were outside but who were not anywhere near this part of the river’s bank were somewhere along the miles of river fishing, hunting, swimming, or otherwise enjoying the comforting spaces of nature.

The uncharted Nile-like-river flowed from deep within one mountain, whose peak meet the sky but which had a cloud near it that appeared as a cap over it. The river flowed into another mountain whose cloudless top was no less as high and which was actually 4,258 miles away although it was so big that it cast a mirage and appeared to be in walking distance.

Still, the marauding Roman General mattered not to the peaceful Africans. The General also didn’t know that the gold, diamonds, and emeralds that were just lying around everywhere on the ground while sending slivers of streaming shimmering sparkles from the sunlight as far as the eye could see, from mountain to mountain, was not the General’s to take. Nor were the bare breasted women.

The wealth and women belonged to earth and to those who knew to whom it belonged. The General’s little telescope could only see about ½ mile each way but that was still a lot of wealth to see. He saw enough to order that another 700 archers close ranks with the previous 500.

All 1,200 arrows went up and up but again not a single arrow ever came back down.

Maybe it was the soldier’s desertion that shocked the desire to pillage and rape.

The first desertions began in the ranks of the infantry, some of whom were Africans and among the fiercest warriors by reputation in the Roman Army. Or maybe it was something like voodoo or Black Magic that the bulk of the Greeks feared. Either way this was nothing like any of the accounts about voodoo or Black Magic that they had ever heard of or encountered before.

So the General immediately turned to his spiritual counselor for an explanation and for the summons of a greater power. There was none among all of the Greek gods. The spiritual counselor, who was a traitorous Pharisee or Sadducee, no one really cared to know which, warned that the power of the mountain people would kill all 21,000 of his soldiers in an instant if they did not leave now.

The General did not run like most of the deserters but he too eventually turned away and left, ordering what was left of his men to go in the wrong direction with him. They went South West instead of East back to the Mediterranean which was a 5-days hike away.

That happened because his sun and star navigator was one of the Africans who had fled with the first hundred to flee. That meant that just a few more hours in the wrong direction and none of the thousands of them would ever find their way out of the thick jungle.

Yet, they must have eventually found their way back to their ships for H.P. Blavatsky had recorded several interviews with soldiers about that encounter in Isis Unveiled. One of those soldiers was the General himself. That and the entire official account was still hidden in a vault at the Vatican right until this very day.

Also unknown to many, was that had the Roman Army tried to advance on the colorful mountain people, all 1,200 of their own arrows would have suddenly fallen back down upon them.

The only people who knew about that part of the story, were the mountain people, Africula and the women who attended Africula’s sur-thrival sessions in Detroit.



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Alan Johnson

Alan Johnson

Africula is a XXX story about a non-biting vampire who lives in Detroit. Finally starting to get my abs back, the older I get the longer it takes. Oh, well