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Bullied No Damn More: Short Book Passages

Excerpts From Some of Insubordinate’s Media Interviews

SNBC’s Phony Ass Chris Matthews

“What do you think about the Palestinian situation?”


“I’ll answer that after the void about Palestinian feelings about the Arab invaders of Africa has been revealed.”

BS & Charlie Rose Before PBS Admitted Rose Was A Deviant Freak


“Switching gears now.

What do you think about the controversial leadership of the Black Muslim Farrakhan?”


“Well done Charlie. Distance yourself from controversy while maintaining the spirit of the talking points for blanket Islamic hate.”

Then Chance ignored giving a proper NAACPer or #BLM response to the question and looked directly into the camera and said:


Should the Arab invaders of Africa be bombed into oblivion and isn’t Boko Haram a Black white supremacists group?”

He didn’t know it but Trudy had watched that interview with Fatima.


“Gee, my dad is off the chain sometimes. Guess that’s why I love him.”


Fatima remained quiet as she mentally unpacked the anti-Islamic tones of both the host and her friend’s father.


“What are your thoughts on Israel?”


“There you go again. Baiting me but this time I’m taking the bait.


“I’m not trying to bait you Chance or is it Insubordinate. Your fan base loves your interesting views.”

You’d have to had been there to hear the chalk board screeching tonal sound when Rose said, “Interesting views.”


“Israel is trying to get Russia, China, the U.S. and militarized nations to semi-annihilate one another so that Israel can rise as the number one super power and never again have to depend on the preliminary political cowardice which lead to World War II.

Then added under his breath while smiling like a shucking and jiving nigger, “You fuckin’ ass hole. Interesting views my ass.”


“So let me make sure I and my audience more clearly understand what it is that you’re saying.

Israel is pro-actively defending itself against more than just anti-Semitism and jihadist terrorists and because of what happened during the holocaust it all makes sense?”


“Charlies. Apartheid doesn’t make sense regardless of who uses the bulldozer as a political position.”


“I don’t quite understand. What then are you saying?”


With that shucking and jiving smile again, “I don’t understand the question since I already answered it.”

Even Malcolm X smiled in the presence of people he distrusted. Doubt he was shucking and jiving or being borderline obsequiously pretentious though.

The interview was stalled like a commercial break so that PBS could urge viewers to donate. It was also the moment Rose had tired of Insubordinate’s quips about being bated and agreed with the Producer in his ear to pull out the dark web blog post they had found and which was clearly authored by Insubordinate as Chance.

Africula is a XXX story about a non-biting vampire who lives in Detroit. Finally starting to get my abs back, the older I get the longer it takes. Oh, well

Africula is a XXX story about a non-biting vampire who lives in Detroit. Finally starting to get my abs back, the older I get the longer it takes. Oh, well