Alan Johnson
2 min readMay 11, 2020


By Alan Collaboration for Reparations Johnson

May 10, 2020

Bill Gates hates Africans.

Just like Bill Clinton, Bill Gates was bullied by Black nerd hating kids as a child.

Being a fighting nerd myself, I tried to protect them both. In hindsight I should have encouraged those forward thinking Black kids to tie both of their arses to separate railroad tracks.

For those who remember Dudley Do Right, things would have gone much better here had we slain those Bills through abortion or whatever before their conception.

Today, just about every Black person reminds those two Bills of one or more of those Black bullies.

It explains why Clinton tried to fuck us all with a saxophone while Al Sharpton, who use to be one of those bullies, now has a network of friends who demonstrate to Black people how to respectfully bend over or get on their knees for both Bills.

That’s why Billy boy continues to derive great sexual satisfaction from jamming that saxophone up a coalition of Black arses as he moans, Hillary, Hillary, fuck your witchery bitch as he explodes to release a few drips like he did on Monica’s dress.

Now Gates, who stole Microsoft, wants to wipe a significant segment of Africans off the continent. He wants to make sure that there will be no more Coming To America sequels unless it’s in a slave ship that’s christened No Windows but there are Plenty of Criminal Tendencies.

Criminal tendencies.

Bill, the sociopath, enjoys physically and politically fucking over African Americans while the other psychopathic Bill uses algorithms and dark site Chinese built science labs to hopefully kill millions of Africans.

Even though deviancy drives and inspires them, both men are considered to be philanthropic and honorable and it’s my fault for not encouraging those deviant Black children to stop these even more deviant White men early on.

Either way, may both Bills rot a whole lot sooner than they plan.



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