Alan Johnson

By Alan Collaboration for REPARATIONS Johnson — May 25, 2020

Part One

I could have started by sharing with the reader my Tumblr blogs. There I have 100K and 50K+ interactions on multiple posts. Yes, I give and receive a lot of love on Tumblr. Still the quality of my Pinterest, I think, makes it uniquely interesting. My Pinterest contains something for just about anyone who enjoys frequenting social media platforms.

I will start here by sharing with the reader the first of four parts.

When Love Hurts It’s time to Heal, a recent addition, is connected to a Facebook page with the same name. WLH is the brainchild of Sara Bell and as you can see we have just started to add pins.

With over 100k+ pins We Are the World is special. I am a contributor there and the board just radiates with global and cultural positivity. The commonalities of differences are respected and encouraged there. So please visit.

Science and Renewable Energy/Alternatives is another board I contribute to. This board is solution oriented and requires links to credible sources. This board represents the future of our world today.

I love the Obama’s as a family. They are authentic and relatable. I just can’t imagine how anyone would not be inspired by a conversation with Michelle or by being in the presence of President Obama. If you find any special moments of this special family please share them with me or post them directly to the board itself.

The eight boards below I will not comment on for they speak for themselves and plus I want this introduction to be brief and for the viewer to visit what interests them.