Africula: Short Book Passages

ESO 137–001 is travelling through cosmic dust at 4.5mil MPH. Its own star forming dust is being stripped through ram pressure and left behind to form trailing stars. Tumblr justspace

Africula gets thousands of relationship emails. Sometimes they are advice oriented, pity partying, and sometimes blanket statements like this one:

Email #1 from anonymous

Don’t know if it’s an enviable position. But the few exes I have been in a relationship with for more than 5-years all loved the shit out of me when I ignored their shit and did what they wanted. That means doing a lot of responsible shit for her and the children (whether your own or not) consistently and even when in anger.

It was when I decided that I would only accept love on my terms that shit fell apart. I have no ex would not re-accept me on their terms. I also have no ex whose terms I accept.

#2 anonymous asked: What’s the truth?

Africula answered:

Pussy juice

Email #3: @asswipe


Twitter’s @asswipe Tumblr post to Africula

What I want & need can’t be had. I want and need an uncompromising relationship. That means consistently drama free. Not tiresome bullshit from untreated mental health symptoms. A ready acknowledgement that the relationship advice people who have been peddling compromise are consciously full of shit. Compromise is how one gets Trump and end up in violent relationships. Compromise is why more don’t work than do. Compromise is why people are whining about faulty relationships or relationship prospects all over Twitter and elsewhere on Twitter. A non-compromising relationship is brutally honest. But no honest person is consistently loved.

Without well-developed prenuptial like ground rules (for even non-marital relationships we provide codependent lies for ourselves and for one another.

We lie to ourselves when we think we can co-raise children. Somebody is going to have to put up with someone else shit. Even if an intensive family counseling session occurs, that will probably only make things worse if either wants to think outside of that society social engineering and construction box.

We lie to ourselves when we say we can share money. It’s always the other people who are greedy as fuck and not us. In some way (usually the scapegoat of paying bills), fashion, or form the justification is always: We deserve or earned our right to greed.

Sex. Great only when both agree to be one another’s sex slave (or be allowed to have another as one). Outside of that all sorts of problems will arise.

Sexual exclusivity means we consistently meet one another needs and selfish demands.

Greed and selfishness sex is good so long as it’s mutual.

In short, there is not a gotdamn thing that I or anyone else has mentioned that works on a mass scale. This shit has to be worked out on an individual basis. It’s the mass production and sale of relationship advice in churches, magazines, etc., that’s fucking everything up for very few are being honest about what they want. And once in a relationship, honesty punches them in their fucking retard face and they cheat. They cheat on another only after they have first cheated themselves out of honest. Fucking retards.

Stop rewarding those who make things up.

Africula’s response:

“Well, that was a mouth full you fucking retard.”

@asswipe Response to Africula:

“Good pussy is a trap.”

Africula’s response:

“I hope she traps me with great head also.”

@lovely’s DM

“Warning!!! My entire being is lovely and adorable, honey.”

Of course the initial response got lots of Retweets and shares as Africula had calculated it would. Why most people clung to dishonest but popular responses. Even tough love was psychological bullshit. But boy was it popular. Popular is truth since truth is perception and a denial of that can get you killed. Hey but you died with the truth.

Want to be popular tell soft or safe lies. Traditional lies. Well circulated lies. Want to be hyper popular tell hard lies. Quote expert driven lies, you know the ones that have been around like since forever. You’ll sound intelligent just because you had done so from memory. Hungry people and attention seekers eat that shit up. They want to be close to the action of what’s happening now. And that’s not a dystopian Black Mirror like view point either for even when a person was wrong it was truth for who in the hell could fully determine if any truth or wrong was right or wrong without a 10,000 or more worded explanation?

Surely that would lead to even more levels of doubt. Worse, it might lead to fuck it. I’m done with all of this shit.


Random Tumblr Posts to and from Africula

Enjoy reading the rest of these social media posts while traveling with the ancestral beats from Black Coffee’s The Global Fantasy Radio Show #9

Tumblr: Itequalsnothing

Love women who think they fat or some other supposedly flawed shit but really are fine as hell. Cute and nice as fuck. They’ll appreciate me and have to mostly fish for compliments cause I’m likely to adore and love the shit out of them by showing more than saying. They feel that. They feel me. No intention of hurting them but usually their imagined flaws run far deeper and raises to the level of some pot full of insecurities that sometimes boils over and makes me ass have to go and get away. For I hate being mentally scorched by some shit that even professionals can’t heal without just masking the symptoms. It’s all on us. And by us I mean you.

Tumblr: Ms.Deliciousness

Horny and single are the ideal conditions for a very bad decision. Oh, my.

Africula’s response

The acceptance of horniness is the fountain of creativity.

Random Tumblr post by Africula

Agreement with someone is temporary.

Don’t set up residence in a temporary space.

Another random Tumblr post by Africula

Sapiosexual Coupling

Hangout at the university’s library and try to read and picture read as many magazines as we can until either or both sexual or digestive hunger kicks in.

Tomorrow repeat the same routine at the museum after leaving the farmer’s market or close friend’s community garden before we catch a locally produced play, while laughing or being silent on the way.

Train ride to a black owned vineyard

A 5k race on a summer time Detroit morning. Dinner at Idlewild, me driving. You posting on Twitter and Tumblr most of the way. Highway pullovers, taking our time, cuddle, sex, talk, silence, sex, holding hands, massaging minds, reciting poetry from memory before we closeout the day in the Black Panther movie line on opening day while randomly ease dropping on other’s conversations, join in some when there was a welcomed smile a gossip-less tone, as the needed distractions to not just focus on wanting to again fuck the shit out of one another. That good shit could wait, especially when waiting made it better as a scaled up appreciation of our blessed gifts to humanity.

Another random Tumblr post by Africula

Artistic Sociopaths

Artistic sociopaths are those who masquerade as perfectionists so as to mask and suppress the ever present relaxing urge to serial kill all formidable competition and opposition to even insane directives. A season or two of Black Mirror episodes could be written for award winning applause merely based on the depravity of their conscious and unconscious memories and desires. It would be considered shockingly creative and unlike Stephen King, the art would be reviewed and top-shelf awarded all while the artist was still privately and proudly deviant for real.

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Alan Johnson

Alan Johnson

Africula is a XXX story about a non-biting vampire who lives in Detroit. Finally starting to get my abs back, the older I get the longer it takes. Oh, well