Africula Chapter Don’t Be A Dope Be Dope

Tyler, The Creator: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert``

“I’ll give up my bakery to have a piece of your pie.”

Tyler, The Creator

Dig this here, when your lady friend is in your presence and just finished explaining to your potentially sorry butt why she’s sort of pissed off right now, listen more and talk less. She just had an encounter with a rude and sexist man. Mr. Rude. She’s mad because she couldn’t tell Mr. Rude off like she wanted too, like the culturally relevant and protective ghetto rising attitude in her was tempting her to. After all, she’s a lady not lady like. She doesn’t believe in public displays of violence and the incident occurred at Starbucks. Although management made Mr. Rude leave, Starbucks really saved his sorry butt and he didn’t even know it.

Man, as her friend, should it not come naturally now’s the time to make a conscious effort not do some rude or sexist shit yourself. Don’t say something stupid like, “I’ll give up my bakery to have a piece of your pie.” The timing isn’t right for the otherwise funny and flirty to be either flirty or funny.

Without saying it, You are the it’s going to be alright don’t you worry we be the light.

She’s in need of reason to maintain hope in decency, in humanity. She needs you to stay aligned with the universe through the Law of Attraction.

Don’t be a dope.

Be dope.

For the ebonically challenged, that’s hope.

Africula is a XXX story about a non-biting vampire who lives in Detroit. Finally starting to get my abs back, the older I get the longer it takes. Oh, well

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