According to Physics God was Never Meant to be a Corporation

Alan Johnson
5 min readJul 27, 2016


From a series of Social Justice Sermons

“Machines are not God. We are the gods. We have to take control and change things.”
Marcella Atzori, political analyst at the University College of London Research Centre for Blockchain Technologies, Bloomberg Businessweek September 4, 2016

We are not being enlightened by the Tao of Physics. We are reading words which many of us have long intuited as being true. The words of the Tao merely engaged our natural but often unexpressed nature. It is not a matter of confirmation bias either. Confirmation bias solely supports the view that the church and State are not all one corporation with franchises. The failure to acknowledge and counter a more accurate sense of what this particularly confirmation bias is pits us against everything in nature except the unnatural nature of being led by or believing in God as C.E.O.

Mind and matter, body and soul. Shake it off. They are all the same and can’t be placed in a corporate petri dish.

God as a corporation was not always so. The God most men and women serve or resist now is a corporation. That’s also why being an atheist or agnostic is a philosophy of waste since religion is no more than a franchise. They are battling franchises. That’s misdirected hunting.

The real God is spirituality, the natural nature of you and me. The fake God is a corporation, the unnatural and manipulative controls over you and me.

God is a corporation. It’s purely top down management, a hierarchy leading to a greed capturing C.E.O. just like God. After all we are frequently told by certain franchises that God wants our money for benevolent outreach with no verifiable proof of previous outputs of benevolence being necessary or required.

If God were in all things as God, there would be no Divine C.E.O. If all intelligence were the final instructions of men, we would not be ruled by the very limited intelligence of corporations. We would definitely own our bodies which we do and do not.

People are in God’s image, corporations are people. That is not a coincidence. That’s an innovative design. It closed a loop hole for any natural denial about God being a Universal corporation.

Sinners are those who cause or are falsely blamed for poor profits. Ethics are which natural rules can be ignored for the best return for those who perform the least labor.

Globally it’s all a lie because much of the rest of the world sees God in all things, still. Self-management is spiritual and communal. The savages want peace and understanding. Neither of those work for the Divine C.E.O. whose treats the world as a personal coliseum.

This gladiator God doesn’t honor the natural forces of the “conscious will” which govern us like the forces of Dark Matter. This God’s sole purpose is to control the “conscious will” and by extension the “involuntary instincts” that informs the best of our nature. The best of our nature is that we aren’t meant to be civilized by the moral precepts of a C.E.O. which is merely the unbroken but unnatural designs that are identical to the current controls that have always been used openly by corporations.

Sunscreen doesn’t sell well in Africa. That may or may not contribute to the absence of a scientific and universal honor of melanin. However, what is certain is that the scientific honor of melanin is absent from Western science and Oriental mysticism.

Well actually it’s in both but it’s suppressed and addressed as something else like the disputed or unknown mysteries of Dark Matter. It’s absent because they can’t go there because the credits given to Oriental mysticism and Western philosophy have earlier origins in Africa. And there’s no use focusing on Africa if the science based philosophy isn’t centered on melanin’s properties being more than just similar to Dark Matter’s properties.

That’s why man placed God into a flow chart. Women equally accept that flowchart of the overlapping Western and Oriental world. That matters because socially induced fears and the franchised hopelessness of attaining some earthly sense of enlightenment is used by both to further convince people that unity and peace, heaven on earth, can’t emerge from chaos. After all, the devil, not laws of science, is the orchestrator or chaos.

Google + Vanilla Turner

Chaos must be managed by the C.E.O. who created, contributed to and greatly benefits from the chaos that can only be managed by the absence of C.E.O.’s management. That’s the real devil. However, from a fake devil view people must continue to believe that people can’t ever help themselves or each other without help from a messiah, charismatic leader, or whoever that C.E.O.’s franchise presents itself as at various points and times.

Unity can’t emerge from chaos so the term anarchy is misused and used a bat to batter those oppose the concept of a C.E.O. Ignored is that every revolution (approved by the winner) comes directly from those who were accused of being anarchists or worse traitors. If not that they are heretics, anti-patriotic, traitors of God’s will for corporations to create and control the timing of various intersections of chaos.

The collective is us, neighborhood by neighborhood, and “resistance” to our natural nature to not be controlled by God as C.E.O. “is futile.” Or so the current theories about the philosophy of physics, mysticism and the misdirected in social science justice would have us to continue to believe, behave and keep secure.

From SocialJusticeSermon#65



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