Alan Johnson

This image probably unintentionally promotes what I am opposing.

There is far more evidence that the social changes that plenty of academics advocate for is not insisted on in many of the actual practices of their life. Maybe that is because academic acceptance and language drives one towards mostly dis-liberating thinking. Maybe it drives one towards acceptability of institutional standards that have been set by people who are literally freeing no one but who do very well in protecting themselves from the outcomes they claim to oppose for us.

Freeing, no. Confining yes for anything that you or I say that is not supported by someone outside of our own community will likely be marked down or dismissed as unscientific as if science is a social savior. It could be but so far it’s not. It’s an acceptable form of censorship and it produces many intellectual positions and solutions on CNN (and the like) sponsored think panels that are hammered by Black Twitter and other similar social media communities. In other words, where is the social justice that the academic community insists on? It barely exists and that is more than shameful it is continuing to be complicit in America’s persistently fake law and social order precepts.

I for one excel in the academic realm but accepting its standards wholesale will not free me or my people or do anything beyond appearing smart or informed. However, the only smart and informed people are those who solve any one or all of all our top ten problems not those who brilliantly dissect them.

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