A Black Serial Killer

by Alan Collaboration for Reparations Johnson, 28 Jan. 2021


We need a 21st century Black serial killer who is a student and practitioner of the occult.

He also occasionally kills the racist rogue cop. You know like the little bitches who slam young Black barely clad teenage girls to the ground hard enough to knock the wind out of them or to render them unconscious. Or cops like the one who killed Sandra Bland or Tamir Rice or…

We need another fictional Black serial killer who primarily kills rich White racist, both men and women.

Trump and Melania would be a good place to start the count at.

If our serial killer is prolific and kills not only in the U.S where the most rich racist reside but goes global he could kill 70 to 100 or more racist annually.

I think this would be fun and easy to write. It would be properly and popularly brutal and honest.

Sexual and other assaults would be described down to the last horrid detail so that the court of ancestors could present an impeachable defense and rationale for why certain individuals or groups of racists were targeted and killed.

Videos and other electronic evidence of the racists role in sex trafficking, drug and weapons dealing, and any other evidence should also provided online as a Black leak. Everyone who is interested in these highly public assassinations of rich White racists could find realtime evidence on more than two blogs managed by Chance and myself Alan.

This tale of woe for the White man and woman could easily be a series and written from the perspectives of multiple authors of any gender. Possibly as many as 30 or more authors could develop these stories. That is why I strongly suggest that the book be open source and may every man and woman who tackles the story prosper while doing so.

They will prosper because it’s always an ethical, moral, and a spiritually good time to kill White racists. No one can ever kill the wrong person if they are killing a proven White Mediocre Supremacy racist.

It’s automatic self-defense because they promise to kill all of us Black and Brown people in a race war but that is only if Brown and Black people don’t kill their White arses first.

This serial killer’s motto, always kill first the people who say they are planning to kill or continue to kill your people.

Although the CIA (who is looking into Chance and Insubordinate), FBI, Homeland, …all don’t know that this serial killer’s name is Africula. Africula is only doing this type of killings because he overheard the Flint, MI based Trudy telling the Grand Blanc based Fatima that such an open source book should be done.

To one like Africula that meant making sure that Trudy’s story could be either or both fiction and nonfiction and that would also be the ultimate salute to Trudy who would eventually come to hunt the serial killer herself to thank him or her personally and to ask all sorts of questions, like how are you avoiding capture?

Questions like how can the kill rate be scaled up to include politicians, cops, CEOs, Generals and other racist military members, racist Police Intelligence operators, and others whose crime of being a racist seemingly makes them untouchable and not even considered a people who should be vigilantly hunted by mainstream courts and all law enforcement agencies?

Racist should automatically be pursued as proven criminals because they merely boast about and do lynch, bomb, gang rape (women, men, little boys, and little girls), rob, kidnap, sex traffic,… I mean aren’t those enough reasons to treat these Prideless Boy racists like the domestic terrorists that they have been before and since Plymouth Rock?

The full fledged racists also have families that need to be harassed for racism related information.

Outside of the full fledged selfie posting White Mediocre Supremacy killer, even the Trump voter is highly suspect and their individual vote alone is probable cause for intensive questioning and maybe even a search warrant to facilitate contact tracing in order to track down and eliminate the other virally infected racists.

At least fictively this has to be done because “Ill-gotten Gain” is the racist motto and operational philosophy for their mission statement of hate.

Still, their hate has usually been driven in the public sphere under the guise of reactionary fear.

A Superior Race fears nothing and these White Mediocre Supremacists definitely think they are the master race although the Walmart attending rifle carrying piece of a pig poor spelling wrapped in an American flag person is the face of this mentally warped and insane blend of American nazism and facism.

Trump along with the GOP has strains of nazism and facism over covered.

That’s why the White Mediocre Supremacists (WMS) praise Trump.

To them it is their patriotic duty to be as racially crazy as the slave owners whom they still praise because of the offsprings of those slave owner’s ability to evolve and gain even greater global market share while enjoying the profits made from the many ways of peddling flesh.

WMS routinely peddle and guard flesh. WMS routinely kill before or after abusively using people.

Killing all of us is the WMS oath and practiced belief so killing as many WMS as possible should be the intellectual, measured, and logical response to both the actual and promised practice.

I, Alan, was into this story because my fictional character Chance is in semi-retirement as the Soul Rapper Insubordinate. Insubordinate is also a terrorist assassin and full fledged CIA and FBI hater. Insubordinate kills terrorists and has been doing so since the 1970s.

WMS are terrorists.

Before becoming Insubordinate, Chance was a semi-rich mainstream entrepreneur. So writing about killing rich White folks would be a whole lot of fun and just might keep Insubordinate in retirement although Trump had almost brought him out.

Insubordinate was sure that Obama did not tell Trump’s dumb arse about who Insubordinate really was or share any other national security information with that fool President Trump. A fool who claimed from the beginning that he would be pretending to be a fool so that he could fool the media and you and I who to him are all fools all while his beloved White Mediocre Supremacy capitol storm trooping fools would still support him even if he murdered someone.

So that was why the author Alan Johnson skipped the entire Trump period by not even having Chance or Insubordinate interact with him at all in the ongoing novels Bullied No Damn More (BNDM) or as he had interacted in The Bullied with President Obama.

Now as the author of Africula, I also have the perfect 21st Century Black Serial Killer. And BNDM needs to pick up on this racist hunt.

After all, the fictional racist hunts are the private ideal of Trudy who is the protagonist of BNDM. The reader can be certain that Trudy will use her quantum computer or any other means necessary to find out how someone managed to implement her private thoughts in fiction and nonfiction so quickly and efficiently.

Also BNDM needs to update its readers about what had been going on during the Trump lead riot and corruption parades.

During this Joe Crow and dancing Harris period, are you the reader game to write your own version of a Black 21st century serial killer?

White Twitter writers are also welcomed to give a Quentin Tarantino twist on a serial killing character of their choice or piggybacking to expand the possibilities of someone else’s character.

Of course, as Alan I will tap the afflatus of Spike Lee to develop my 21st century Detroit based Africula character further. Further meaning more engaged with and more connected to Spike’s melanated, soulfully universal, present, and wholly unrepressed pyramid of the medulla oblongata’s Black is Beautiful.

For us Black is Beautiful people, this would be cathartic for sure.

Robin Hood WMS ass also since it’s always about Reparations. It’s always about both immediate and future Reparations coming directly from WMS.

This means hitting and hunting in the suburbs of America. There is no place on earth that has more racists per capita than America’s racism built and racially maintained suburbs.

So let the writing begin and let’s see who can most intensively, legally, ethically and morally wipe the most of these sons and daughters of bastards out of America’s racism built gated communities of racially maintained suburbs.



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Alan Johnson

Alan Johnson

Africula is a XXX story about a non-biting vampire who lives in Detroit. Finally starting to get my abs back, the older I get the longer it takes. Oh, well